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December 13, 2014

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Acting President

Gary Plapp

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Gary Plapp


Sally McClure


Sue Kinzelman


Ufologist Dr. Roger Leir has Died

A well known figure in the UFO community, Leir's work gained worldwide attention thanks to his investigations in to the phenomenon of alien implants and his alleged removal of several such objects from the bodies of abductees. (more)

Turkey UFO Footage

Ufologist Dr. Roger Leir is in possession of a UFO video that was filmed in Turkey in 2009.
Not only did he witness the sighting himself, he was with the people who were videotaping it near the Sea of Marmara.
It took place on a beach and you can see that a dog was on the shore barking at the UFO.


US Dowsing Events!


Golden Gate Dowsers
Corte Madera, CA

Contact: Karen Ashley,,

San Jose Dowsers
Contact: Cathy Coltrip,

San Diego Dowsers 
Contact: Inez Lindsey,

Nor Cal Dowsers
Contact: Jeanette,

Tuscon Dowsers
Contact: Laura Boles,

Sierra Dowsers
Contact: Donna Ahlers,

Energy Dowsers 
Seattle, Washington

Contact: Pat Delafield

Valley of the Dowsers 
Contact: Jim or Susan Schultz,,

Gold County Dowsers
Contact: Sharron Hope,


Dowsing may be defined as the communication of subtle energies and information perceived by one's extended senses and natural intuition with the focused "rational" mind through the use of a device and/ or learned response. Information received in this manor is from a unified field, not limited by time and space or the acknowledged physical laws of the universe.

The Therapy Stones are In!

I am happy to announce that the ship from Brazil carrying polished rose quartz has finally arrived. (The ship had a hard time making it across the desert) I have been able to get my hands on a few pieces of beautiful photon programmed rose quartz therapy stones. These are large stones weighing 10 to 12 ounces, (3/4 lb.) I am reducing the price to be the same as the red, green and speckled jasper that I have. ($25 each) [read more]

Cindy Bently RN spoke at the September Dowsers Meeting, Los Lunas.

Cindy told the story of her life at the September dowsers meeting and her experiences with clearing negative energy. She led the group through a guided meditation.  Cindy lives and practices in Santa Fe andyou can visit her website DNA Connection.

Meeting Location

The meeting was moved from its original location because of the closure of the old Los Lunas Public Health Office to a conference room at at the Western Slies Inn. If you know of a good meeting place where the dowsers can meet in the futyre, please contact Gary Plapp.

The West Coast Dowsing Conference

The West Coast Dowsing Conference in Santa Cruz , CA, was a big winner for everyone with over 200 attendees and dozens of exciting presenters. (See more photos here) We had 40 students in the basic dowsing school where eight experienced experts led the way and added their unique knowledge. The children's dowsing mystery school was well attended as well.

We honored founding member MaryMarie Satterlee and welcomed long-timers John Wayne Blassingame, Pearl Nicolino, Gladys McCoy, Joey Korn, Alex Champion and ASD president Sandee Mac. Alan Handelsman's keynote address was a big hit along with Gail Minogue's, William Bennett's and Wayne Hoff's spectacular presentations. My presentation, "Dowsing Positive and Negative Influences in Your World", went well with standing room only.


The next big local dowsers event is the Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, AZ October 2015.


September 13, 2014 Dowsing Meeting

The Los Lunas Willow Benders next meeting will be Saturday September 13th featuring presenter Cindy Bentley, RN. Cindy recently returned from a tour of sacred sites in France.


June Dowser Meeting Draws a Large Crowd

We had a super June chapter meeting with about two dozen enthusiastic attendees. David Sahyoun enchanted everyone with his fascinating "Rainbow Flute" healing technique and extensive background. Bovis chart dowsing demonstrated the powerful effectivity of David's technique that quickly raised peoples values to 18,000 and beyond. Sundays well attended workshop taught students the five sacred sounds and symbols used in healing. Recommended reading is David's first book, "The Rainbow Flute".

Many thanks to all those who attended May 18th's Photon Energy Seminar/ Workshop!

We had 32 attendees with a lot of good food and fun. A big thanks to Althea Gray for coming down from Santa Fe to share her many experiences with photon energy and her clients. We will be doing a special workshop together focused on the (hands on) applications of photon instruments and photon therapy later on this year. A huge thanks to Dave and Mary Anne Weaver for hosting our workshop at beautiful "Healing House" - we couldn't have done it without them.


It was wonderful (and humbling) and very heart-warming to have so many healers and Light workers in one place. We are all working together to improve our lives, the lives of others and the planet. Networking and mutual support is important in continuing our many humanitarian goals.


There was plenty of time for everyone to experience a powerful photon energy treatment and to use the many various tools. The electrified photon scalar rings and rods were a big hit - especially the "magic carpet" ride we took on the "activated" ley line on the back lawn. The new prototype lepidolite powered photon scalar ring put several people into orbit and received a big thumbs up. Future ordered rings and rods will be available with photon programmed Kunzite, Kyanite or Lepidolite or a combination.


Stay tuned to Gary Plapps website for information about upcoming workshop and seminars as well as listings of his latest products.

2014 Dowser Meetings Began March

The 2014 meetings of the American Society of Dowsers Los Lunas Chapter - The Harmonious Earth "Willow Benders" started in March with a presentation from Energy Transformationalist and Dowser Nathan Main.


Nathan Main, Eight Level Adept Energy Transformationalist: "The Art of Spiritual Dowsing". "It is essential to be on a progressive spiritual path and for humanity to ascend to a higher dimensional light status. We must all transcend our beliefs, attachment to beliefs and limiting religious paradigms and begin awakening to our infinite knowing as the Divine Creator Beings we truly are."


Nathan will talk about the importance in developing a keen sensitivity to subtle energy, Spirit. He will invite attendees to participate in dowsing and muscle testing to determine validity.


Nathan will energetically demonstrate, with the assistance of numerous participants, that there is a higher Energy and Intelligence that expands beyond many concepts of God. He will also demonstrate energetically that we are indeed Infinite and Divine Creator Beings having a human experience.


Please bring a pendulum, pen and notebook.

Workshop on Sunday March 9, 2014

Sunday Workshop, (Following day, same location)
Nathan will facilitate a spiritually advanced Group Energy Transformation and Light Activation session on Sunday, from 2 to 5:30pm, with two ten-minute breaks. Working with Angels and Light Beings from higher levels of Consciousness, we will clear hundreds of our human filters. This includes clearing dozens of the so-called “dumbing down” human programs we are all influenced by.

This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to stretch beyond their comfort zones and get unstuck from the familiar. This includes making major strides forward as powerful spiritual beings, becoming fully self-expressed, and fulfilling our potential as the "Magnificent Infinite and Divine Creator Light Beings” we truly are.


Please bring a pendulum, pen and notebook.

Nathan, early on, had numerous spiritual awakening experiences. He studied Esoteric Philosophy and participated in many metaphysical workshops becoming fascinated with the mystical (unknown) life of Jesus. He also discovered the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.
Later on, Nathan experienced three-dozen séances with the Ascended Masters, as well as having experienced personal visitations by Jesus, Count St Germaine and others.


Nathan had profound experiences beyond time and space, losing all density in his body and becoming illuminated. Nathan has practiced Spiritual Response Therapy for nine years. He loves helping folks clear their filters, programs, beliefs, fears, resistance, energetic blocks and interferences that prevent achieving their full potential.

See for more information on Nathan's work. Contact or 505-340-9866.


Saturday December 14, 2013 - In December we were thrilled to have Remote Viewer and Dowser John Zeuli, MSW: "Turbo-Charge Your Dowsing with Remote Viewing Protocols!". This workshop/ presentation included a brief overview of the United States Intelligence Community Remote Viewing (psychic spying) program. While the presentation does not violate personal boundaries, it does respectfully and creatively apply the Remote Viewing underpinnings and learning theory to Dowsing. The result is powerful. This will be a practical, hands on workshop, so bring your dowsing tools and a sense of adventure.


Saturday, April 13, 2013 - Sandee Mac, president of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) spoke at the Los Lunas Dowsers meeting at the Los Lunas Transportation center. She spoke about her passion for dowsing and mentioned the fact that dowsing has been around for thousands of years and used by some of the world's greatest leaders.

Sandee followed this presentation on Sunday March 14, with a Special Workshop at the Los Lunas (old) Public Health office where she went into more depth with the healing of difficult past life experiences that have carried forward to the present lifetime.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Members from the Global Alliance conducted "Project of Light" Clinic. The team returned to New Mexico for the first time in 3 years. The clinic went very well and over fifty people attended.

The Project of Light (POL) is a light session facilitated by healers that Pineal Tone over your body to activate your pineal development to aid with your personal evolution. Each session is experienced by 8 people at a time and lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. For more information visit their website.

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Saturday, Feb 9, 2013- The Los Lunas Dowsers met at the train station and Jim lead us in a short toning of Ohm.  Click Here to listen--> (toggles on and off). We had out regular snacks and items for sale at the back table. The transfer stations coffee shop is open during our meeting and you can get coffee, tea, hot chocolate and many snacks.

The speaker was Jo Garner from Body and Brain Holistic Center, in Cedar Crest, NM. Jo gave a workshop on healing using the Life Particle Exchange.


Saturday, January 12, 2013 - Jim Taylor addresses a packed room at the first meeting of the year for the Los Lunas Willow Benders dowsing group.

The meeting was held at the Senior Center on Don Pasqual Road.

Sue Navarro spoke about Edgar Cayce's writings on dream interpretation.

Tuesday January 8, 2013 - The Los Lunas chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD), the Willow Benders, kicked of its new year with a planning meeting on Tuesday, to discuss future guests speakers and new topics coming up for 2013. (left to right) Gary P, SueK, Sally M, Debbie S. and Jim T.

A Note from Gary

Dear Dowsers, Friends & Community Members - ASD

Welcome to our first meeting of the new year and the beginning of another Mayan Calendar.

Jim Taylor has stepped up to the plate and is our new chapter president. Please welcome Jim and give him your full support. I would like to thank Jim and his wife Suzanne for hosting my 10-year chapter president retirement party. Thanks too for all those involved including Dante Miguel who created a wonderful honorary award.
Dowser Gary

Astronomical Association Determines That Earth Not Destroyed : Planet Still in Danger.

NEW PALTZ, NY DECEMBER 22, 2012: The combined observations of the member astronomers of the Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association have determined that Earth, the water covered rocky third planet orbiting Sol, was not destroyed on December 21, 2012. In spite of repeated statements by astronomers , Mayan elders and anthropologists , many humans maintained that the earth would end or succumb to some cosmic catastrophe on that date. The observations of the MHAA members indicated that the earth was still in orbit, with its moon still in its established trajectory. (more)

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